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Expect Nothing, and then It’s like taking a crap–your grateful (when it’s over). December 31, 2011

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1. I hate kindles and all of it’s relatives. I prefer the spoiled smell of an old book and the roughness of it’s old overturned pages. I support used book stores.

Modern Classics– The Alexandria Quartet–Justine; Balthazar; Mountolive;Clea;  by Stephen Durrell (Not one damn dull moment in the Quartet. I finished the Quartet in about 2 months.) The finest aspect of Durrell’s work–the command of language and the absolute wealth of beautiful and appropriate vocabulary that he applied to each living and breathing moment of his novels. $$$$

 The Plague– by Albert Camus Loved it since I read it on an important mission during the year of 1990 into 1991. Very unhappy and certain of the very nature of the future’s devious uncertainty I read this novel and wanted a director to cast me in a lifetime role of this novel, “No longer were there individual destinies; only a collective destiny, made of plague emotions shared by all” (Part 3, pg 179). 

I wanted the starring role<The Plague>I wanted to play Evil Incarnate<the plague>. Do you understand?  Love Love Love this novel. Brutal times I swam over fiery coals by reading this novel. I recovered                 eventually.

Now who do you think earns the first distinction on my list? Perhaps a woman because I must represent? Hell no. Think Russian. Most obvious choice of course. Which masterpiece? “Nietzsche called [dude] the only pschologist from whom I had anything to learn,” not suprised at all.

Demons by Dostoevsky Ladies and Gents I read in 2004 around January. I took a breath and I released it on the final page. Action filled as duel stories entertwine (forgive the pun), and some of the most odious characters Dostoevsky developed–I felt at home in this novel.

2. A very good short story to read is The Horseman in the Sky by Ambrose Bierce.  Just a farewell.

It will be another year to achieve overly, or suck at whatever perfectly, to contribute to a meaningful cause (pink ribbons I hope your less meaningful this year), or steal from an even more meaningful cause (Can every Mayor in Washington DC please take a bow from shifting shitloads of the city’s cash to their off shore accounts–that just fcks me up), buy the next I this or I that, or choose to say f-you and f-that to the hubris of the I that the We can’t afford, or watch tv until the coils of your brain burn out and then what you see…that’s it, or pick up a god damn book (not e this or kindle that) and read dumbshit. BTW there never is a new year–advertisers just want the USA to be shitfaced—who knows when a terror person with mighty swords will spike the entire countries punch and incinerate the lot of us:-000   


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