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“Have Mercy On Me, My Soul!” (Kahil Gibran poem, a poetic masterpiece) January 4, 2012

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foreboding image of a woman.
feminism action leads to an inverted movement of rebels…
Sadness soon satiated only by me situated in a curled up ball position.

Moosters Fright

I overdosed on veggie lasangna tonite

 and I committed a cardinal crime by eating

veggie not cow but I’m afraid of the moosters

the I talian moosters commit crimes of

passionate woe over their milky white skinned

lovers who die in the slaughter b tween

the I talian moosters and the crazy butchers

who cut them to pieces wild like blood and

bits of skin and bone flying every where; shit I just got boned in the eye assholes.               


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