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Where did my skin go? January 5, 2012

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"Cartoon Jesus"


"Ecotopian World"

Utopia (Tis not a reality anymore).

Hey, excuse me but where did my skin go?                                                                                                                                                  

did you notice who how do you retain your

skin in this world; when (I ask me you/for god sakes

him or her assholes) would it shed as God sucked the

life out of it as it moved upward transluscent charred

wanted one last cig tears so much I you him and her

felt a steady strain of drizzle for a few seconds.

God, an idiot complimented me on my outfit–guess

anatomy dyed silk or cotton graduated from gross

to splendor. Splendid. Excuse me, where can I find

a hat to match my outfit? Oh, and shoes and…


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