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Thoughts While … January 8, 2012

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Women's Toilets


Thoughts While I Sit On A  Toilet After Do My Business (Dueces are wild)

Now I’m comfortable…It’s relaxing in here. No one knows truthfully what I’m doing…God damn so much to do in the bathroom. Betcha Angelina Jolie either never goes or asked builders to build her a solitary shitter off main house to vomit her quail’s egg from dinner into a titanium toilet. What’s your excuse? I think profound thoughts on this porcelain bowl. Why Islam and China used porcelain to create beautiful artistic bowls and plates, but not sure they’re safe to eat a quail’s egg off of anyway. Angelina. Boy she is no fucking angel if my name isn’t Brad Pitt. I’d love to go see my brother and four beautiful spectacles in an envelope at the post office with a picture of them opening GEE GEE’s gifts. Fibromyalgia–wanna play? your it mother fucker. What? Yeah I’m done, let me wipe. Fine, tell the doctor I’m on the toilet surfing my brain again–she DNC. Wait, I’ll go with you to smoke. Let me wash my hands you foxy freak…


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  1. I love you and value the shit you say.

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