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Be still. Take a drag. There you go. Feel better now. January 13, 2012

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  • Your words speak with more momentum each day. See you on the other side.I know dude to my right croaked, but I’m fascinated.
  • If I’m fascinated I avoid boredom.
  • I’m bored if I’m not juggling words and mis en scene around.
  • If the mis-en-scene is brown or grey–shit–yep, I’m bored.
  • So then i require a character. yes a character.
  • One who acts up. not out. I’m 38 soon fro JC sake.
  • JC are my initials, Jim Carroll’s initials and Jesus Christ’s also
  • I believe that’s in descending order. sorry Jim but I’m above ground. I imagine your just a basket of bones now.
  • Jesus I think you invented spoken word…Christ disciples listened to you for many more days than people think about you now.
  • Jim I’m really wanting to bring your ass back to life and plump it up; just to kick it so hard it comes out your throat. Burroughs wrote “Junky” did you honestly have to act out that character for the rest of your fucking life? Your fried and tarred and feathered brain put out amazing shit, but now I’m  left with the Petting Zoo.
  • Go fuck your Petting Zoo, personally as a writer, Id rather have the real you. Asswipe.

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