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Verbal Edification January 17, 2012

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Verbal Edification–Is it as such a loser concept as

Felon Rehabilitation?  Hey! How about a Jail for

assault on a verbal document? In a death penalty

Watery scene requested; I chose this scene of what you want it to be.

Pools. Water. No longer I love. They took me to hell.

state some mofo who murdered english on a document


by writing with text language; oh yeah, the chair you

stupid never amount to anything but a social fly here

now done there then dead by the chair (hopefully quicker


then the fucking death row assmates) tomorrow. Sometimes


when I write a paper I commit crimes of an erroneous nature

a fifth grader might try to flush himself to death over it (by

repeatedly flushing the toilet as the tiny tub of veins keeps

shoving his head into the toilet when it flushes) that I’m

sincerely ready to dig my own grave and jump in with my

birthday digs on that I bought to wear for my favorite person

(brant). Unemployment, not that day, I’d hire a god damn crew

to cover my ass up and my face. Life seems to frequent anyway.

God ever hear that us people we appreciate the infrequent shit?

Like Christmas once a year? Or getting our nails done twice a

month?  Or going to rehab four times in one life time. God–you

were granted every power–do you refuse to interfere with my

self-will?  Or is that the devil that you never found the counter

intuitive weapon to defeat. It is not written.  God–by the way–

did not Bless America.  Some asshole did. That’s why we Americans

the United States are over our heads in debt and war and protest

and having no idea who or what moral compass we (as a country)

follow. Freedom, ladies and gentleman has never been more

obtuse than now; so learn all that you can buy listening to whoever

you can. The truths you hear-hold near and dear– soon the whole

world will be soaked and drenched in fear. It is written.


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