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A Paragraph That is Failure and Failure Looks how? January 29, 2012

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Praise dancers

Praise yourself.

To absolutelutely fail I picture a brave couple executing

the waltz at a techno club. the discordant sounds excite

the sycophant’s matters nerves; the result a spastic and

epileptic fit of gyrations and gest iculations. The entire

ordeal requires a stage seprated from a required audience

to accomplish the purpose of the superfluous motions of

the Whole. The audience watches with a anticipatory suspence.

When will they stop? They shift in their seats. Their asses hurt.

They start to talk amongst themselves. Somebody mentions food.

Now they become a Whole. As a Whole, they decide to leave.

So this Whole  leaves that Whole, now not a Whole exists.

 Everything, it’s your turn. (The waltz is everything to a person

 who teaches for pay the waltz and only the waltz) Dance on.


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