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Urban Art in Lisbon: Pessoa’s Home Town Today March 23, 2012

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Urban Street Art

That's the cue for the wolf to come around the corner--the rest of the text remains unwritten. Or not acted out to fulfill the traditional beginning and end of a drama.

Look at her because she wants you to, observe

her now. Observe her later. She ages in accordance

with the pain(ts) life on the stone, or the stones

personal erosion, or perhaps,  just by the un-

reliability of my perception combined with the

grandfather of all injustices:  time. Today, I love

her. The red cloak and vitality reassure me. Not yet

Jessica.  The writing is on the wall. She neither loves

it or hates it.  As I prepare for the next corner to round

with my vision on hold I inhale. When my faith, based

on how dark the ink looks when it bleeds onto a

canvas I exhale. Yes to all of your questions. The battle

ends. The battle begins. No matter, I remain on stone–

as if it were a fortress I protect. I put on my red shawl–

I gather all the stuff I dump into my basket that comforts

me. Goodbye to all–this corner invited me, not you to

to follow the path that goes around it. Blessings all. You

have heard my call.


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