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If You Think You Know Who I am… March 24, 2012

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Oops this is the Crazy witch!!!

Well, I'm your lady...and you are my mango...

guzzle my words like Gator-aide cuz’

they’re cheap in red and put space between

the living wise and the dumb dead. take your

finger off the trigger, aim devotion at hatred

aim love at devotion I swear hatred soon becomes

sacred. Acrid begins the day of so many who are

sadly stuck on substance A B or C– yep I should

know, because I walked around invinsible high

like a pitched tent until the weather changed–

This lame mansion that the world lives within,

every single one of our asses are seperatistists–

cause if one person farts the whole world runs for

cover and there ain’t enough cardboard boxes to

construct the cubicle; a space of one’s own not to

smell one another’s  ass-gasses.  So humankindly

decide today who you want to follow, from the

inside out. Then like ant’s in an ant farm, let’s get

organized; and figure out what this world’s biggest

faux issue looking in the mirror is really all———.


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