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I’m Constantly Streaming… March 28, 2012

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The Silver Platter People

To sound cool in theory to dare to ketchup to the three year olds

who program their phones. Oh I’m very sure, the lovely creatures

of know and gadgets learned how to press a button in utero…moms

always dreaming, dreaming, dreaming, kids of mom’s learn how to press buttons of the asshole they share a cell with in San Quentin

then mothers that dreamed: The show begins. Bring peanuts. Bring popcorn with white cheese powder sprinkled ever so lightly on it.

I’m sorry Mrs. so and so, where is his father? Muertafied. Comprende.

Lo siento. The beat down, smack down, the jaw banger, the skull crusher, the spine splitter,the meant for wife beater, the I hate me beater, the killer in you brings forth the killer in me moment,

shabaaaam. now the mothers that dreamed wail with widdle satisfaction. poor prunes never preserved their good names.

So many boys learn how to press the wrong buttons; end up at  the wrong end of a shot gun because of the domestic buttons now called compulsions that he begins with good intentions, a smack on the hand and  then he can’t stop cause it turns him on to see her blood run quicker than the Mississippi River.

One boy might have to push the Royal button. The button that blows the world to shit. A notice should hang for the lifers in prison or the deathrow inmates. Why is it muy facile to push the theological and philosophical conundrums onto those that we vote out of existence?   AS IF….?


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