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The sun never rises if it never sets…. April 4, 2012

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Birth of the sun. Now I looked for painting so long I'm not sure how it holds water with the text. Bark.

It’s optional. That is your brain of course.

It’s easy to stick a pinata onto your shoulders

Though the neck, I admit, it’s the hardest part

to assemble. It must be measured by a necked.

A person whom of course decided to earn a

brain, inside hisorher head, and train through

the pain of hunting naked in the dump towns.

Dump towns, yep, where an old mattress cut

by the right necked then dyed the correct flesh

color and glued super on the buyer’s shoulders–

However, I recommend the pinata for the youth,

because the old heads fill in their scores with

a pen that writes incorrectly above the right percent.

Why spend dollars and the disappearing penny on the

forfeited, walk the super-hideously, mean and stupid

line–when now sports reach into our ghettos or up at

the porcelain skin barberries–never mind WWIII. The

barberries bought a knockoff of Aristotle’s’ mind and

the ghetto bought a knock off of Beyoncé’s royal face.

The mind got blown away by her face, so I’m told.

A story with the protagonist who looks like Beyoncé

and an Aristotelian plot whos a whatch made-a fuck– Life

with Pinata’s too much to live for too much to die from, so hold your breath:~Aristotle is the father of the Tragedy~Make a pinata with Aristotle’s head then life not too hard to with live, or so hard you want to die:  so exhale your nasty breath:

To all the dumbasses I have ever kissed before. 



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