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I’m A Fighter But Now I’m Looking Up From 6 Feet Under April 10, 2012

Filed under: Uncategorized — jessicawritesnow @ 1:23 am

You.I still hate children and plastic.
I want what the have nots possess.
I want what the have’s possess.
You stress me out by looking at me that way.
Fix your face fuckwad.
I want to feel other than.
Give me how you feel.
Even if it means snorting elephant crap.
Right now it’s the best crap in my world.
Wait now I feel like the old cheese grater
wind and freezing rain rushing through me,
ahhhh. Shards of ice awkward, some sneak
through the grates, pain of remarkable standard.
I forget who I am. The pain became me. I became
this. This is you.


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