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Pablo Honey Medidtation May 14, 2012

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"The Birth of the SON and the Holy Placenta"

The Birth of the Son and the Holy Placenta captured on jessicamemo’s blog. Holy peepers…I always knew how special each of my followers would be to see this rare footage.

Another day on this shimmering planet.Reason explicable to say “stop  start shouting”. I wish to bequeath my thoughts a state of the art speaker system–as the listener watches my lips or listens to my mind blow–the two betray each other.Heretics–Does your mind say no, but your lips say yes? Like, all the times the hands go round the disk I spent swearing I’ll never do that again, dammit I prayed about these matters; I asked God to relieve my mind of its obsession to tell the people that walked the city with the keys to my friendships, career, secrets, etc to fuck off the best way they know how. Yet, God even after an entire day of “help me” let’s go, the rain feels like teeth from a rat sinking into my clotheless body; naked in a rain-storm with jagged rat teeth marks digging just so as to cause me to bleed garnet tears. Then in code I tell the dog to fuck off, because it’s dark, cold, dreadful and I want a dryer warm towel to wrap around my shoulders and a sauna to sit in very briefly.As always, I over exert myself by envisioning every passable scat accident on my target, it must be artistic though, my only rule. Like puffy clouds that look like puffy whipped cream turds on a sunny day above a day on our  shimmering planet. (Enter beautiful gay man with room  spray who can do a decent leap.) written and produced by Jessica Memo k.


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