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Anti choas May 21, 2012

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Conflict can be exactly this; terrifying and confusing with chaotic anti-figures and a richness in feeling that brutally excites one’s nerves with hues of colors that suck a person deeper into the conflict.

As of this epoch in time though it be only a sliver, think of when your pencil at home needed sharpened before the fancy pancy electric sharpeners, and with a nice cool little gadget you sharpened your pencil. The shavings of the wood usually ended up on my floor; in a hurry I pretended to be with only one damn place to go. [Invisibility while insinuating presence]. Back to the sliver (I haven’t loss myself guys), as of now Conflict in no terms compared with my Conscious that rests on the same image; the same colors warned me to keep alert, evaluate my purpose within the conflict, stay true to my journey, and remember that I wear many faces. Do not project a face that I wanted see staring back at me when I shopped for groceries, went to a used bookstore, or dined out at a restaurant or visited a library. Conflict will permeate my entire being until I’m flooded. The Lord  is not my Life Jacket folks. So good day,sleep tight, lock your doors tonite. :-)))) [I’m just messing with ya’ll]


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