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Devil’s Dish June 9, 2012

Look into the truth under the adorement and see a woman bewitched by a purpose assigned to her by a man.

The devil loves a pagan–the word means simply means worshipping many gods…instead of one…and worship for other than social reason.

One man’s dinner is another’s devil’s dish–

A father waits with pride as his family sits for Sunday dinner,

Another man, he pretends to “Father” this broken home–

he rescued it (the home) from becoming degenerate. Cause he is it.

One woman kneels for seven years, one night at a time, to ask for

God to relieve her mind of the obsession of crime.

Another girl she laid on her back and prayed for seven days–

“Help me God to mend my evil ways.” On the eighth day she

walked away free, the other girl she put herself away for insanity.

Just so happens–the other girl seven years later learned about

the demon’s dish which tempted her–hasn’t tasted it since her education.

The not so fortunate girl on the ninth day–she always returns to her evil ways.

The Devil‘s Dish served her every nine days vinegar–pure piss and vinegar.

Pink Cotton Candy looks and tastes so sweet; until it’s to lure a three year old into the arms of a strange uncle pete. or not so strange. like your brother.

Parkinson’s disease I’d consider it a horrible disease, until M J Fox was diagnosed and spoke out for the cause. Pink what a pretty color–see how the devil works…Breast Cancer awareness five years later, at least, and please change the color to salmon!

I want pink back. What about Sleep disorders? It’s the Devil’s Dish when the sufferer has Medicare and the government won’t legalize crack.

Speaking of the government…yep that’s the mother lode the father of all humdingers. That’s the Devil’s Dish.


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