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Remember the Flamingos that Decorated Our Lawns (“Our” includes the judgemental pricks who deny it) June 13, 2012

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Time just is--now.

Time is a theory that man uses as a tool for strictly organization. I hate “Time”, because even down to the time my body becomes hungry for lunch, an afternoon nap, a shot of whiskey even my boredom–these actions can be attached to time. Nature and Time I believe oppose each other. Human beings become a more meddlesome force against nature every second. We will pay.

TIME-It races on Einstein hooves bought at Sears cause this county suffers from Poverty.I question photographers, who stop time on photo paper, and Manipulate it into dreams. Time strangled by a camera looses her texture, smell, hue realistic, and taste.Ah, yes Gourmet magazines report on envious fine foods, no longer, ever again, in the finest fire circles in the world–that food in the photo that brought to an entire crew a zesty, sweetness that crawled from the lips of one to another–it wilted. TIME-when I spot a vacancy inside my heart it’s time technology’s little pet that my heart understands.Because I’m finite, TIME folks no matter what, I can use the technology to track the fucker down,but no matter, TIME is the only promise I never saw broken. TIME speaks in truth at a speed that  may change–but how do I know whether it’s to torture me now,or to save time, and torture me later? What, save time?  Toooooo much time? Perhaps all at once? Okay…hey now!


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