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Cancer and a Serial Killer? June 21, 2012

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 this Serial Killer from my home state painted this fantasy picture.

Still looks like he wanted prison, just his own on a hill, castle style.

Arthur John Shawcross killed 14 victims and was also convicted for the manslaughter of two children. He carried out most of his crimes in the state of New York and died in jail in 2008.
His artwork differs from the other serial killers. It’s a fantasy landscape featuring a castle and floating planets.

CANCER…ANY AND ALL, IS A SERIAL KILLER TOO. IT DOESNT DISCRIMINATE .So if you go to any church of WTF denomination, if you suck on your binky and go straight to the crack pipe or if you shoot during deer season or shoot up during every season: pretty sure a train of goods always heading in your direction. My goodness god loves me or the dude puts up with me. One killer’s message on his art,- WTH-I thought this man probably wasted a lot of time stalking live people to anticipate the thrill of the kill–what an important representation of desire x perverted instinct = ecstasy (as fleeting as a breeze on a summer night, caused by a truck passing by on the road, while you walk on the path on the shoulder. )

He asked, “IS THERE LOVE AFTER HATE, IS THERE HEAVEN AFTER HELL, IS THERE A BEGINNING AFTER THE END?”  For a serial killer i almost think I smell a conscious he wants when he dies. IF something like grace hangs in the rafters (I’m sure some of the parents of the women he raped would love to see a woman named Grace hang him the rafters of a cult-like run religious organization who meet in a barn/ hall.)

Hope shattered–if it kills a person, could it save another. If it does both is it a serial killer/provider. Test theories of your own. It’s fun. Kick back I’ll give a link to some relaxing Leonard Cohen music. TFY–(Think for you)

YESTERDAY SUCKED ASS.      <frame width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”;hl=en_US” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>


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