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I love Spoken Word; Especially When it Bites July 12, 2012

Beginning of Time (SB Park)

The beginning of time (cavemen we call that time when…)this is not what I pictured if I ever imagined it at all.

Language-imagine a world where the starvation of a global language exists. Whoops, think not. Welcome to this blog. Yes I speak English. So far it rocks the roost. Not forever and a lifetime. I hesitate to guess the next best alternative, or acquisition. I assume many people fear a starvation of communication. Good lord, I never really baked myself in the idea of relative non-existence due to non attentiveness or unrecognition, because if I feel upset yes all know that tears mean most of the time, sadness, and a hug comforts sadness——but wait I say to my jackass self, I do know cultures including our own who follow a strict regimen of body distance and gestures that varies. Language is the most confusing system of corruption I ever actually said, “Bring it on, Ms. Language Bitch”. I majored in corruption and minored in the mass communication of the manipulation of the average consumers who allowed corruption to whiz over their heads. Then I concentrated in Creative Writing, an entirely different monster, nevertheless, a ride on the bullshit railroad, and for a living, if I ever become a professional Creative Writer, I can’t say that my goal is purely to entertain. I love to corrupt too. Of course with nonsensical ideas–I offer the match and the box–you my precious listeners–start the fire.


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