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The Dog who Knows Best November 1, 2012

I pray to my Dog that a recovery of some stability is recreated for the Eastern U.S, I saw a boat on some train tracks–kind of waking up with a penis on my body after being a woman for 38 years.

In no way do I dare compare this to 9-11. I had to clarify my stance as a citizen of the US. We were attacked by”Mother Nature“, but I’m thinking it’s a wake-up call.

I pray to my dog  that our tense global relations  gain a new perspective. It’s not about borders, and religion, or freedom (it always is) but even scarier is our Globe which is eroding from beneath every single person’s on this earth feet. Unification is the only way to a solution. We need scientists from all over the globe.

I pray to my dog that someday humankind can be just that: humankind (man, woman, elder, child)

Stop murdering each other to prove who has the largest muscles. For whom is the truest measure–the humblest person in the crowd.

Peace to all of you.Image


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