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Jessica Memo reads “Labor” December 31, 2012



3 Responses to “Jessica Memo reads “Labor””

  1. Very cool to put a face and a voice to the name. This doesn’t seem so much a reading as it is an exploration of the piece and the rocks we all push around. I can’t muster the self esteem to do webcam stuff, despite being a Toastmasters dork when I was a kid. Hell, I have a hard time sharing my writing with the exception of tearing down conservatives on youtube. You did well. Thanks for sharing, and you can change the world with your writing. Maybe not the whole world, but it’s just as well; the whole world is just one big rock and a series of mountains and hills combined.


    • Just tell yourself you’re work is important to you, and a good poet and/ or writer must read their work aloud to explore what they wrote as well as the way it sounds—such as does it have a rhythm or does it trip you up cause the words are blocky.

    • If one cares less about the individual and more about the world, it is my guess that the individual is sacred but to the person who thinks the apropos of the world is more important, they are power hungry…and the only person they care to please is self.

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