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Art Brut and Me Together And Free February 16, 2013

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  • The raw art of Jean
    Deutsch: bleisriftzeichnung, art brut

    Deutsch: bleisriftzeichnung, art brut (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


  • Art Brut: Moving to L.A.
  • This Art is the only genre that calms my inner angst.
  • I feel every system at work some days, not because I desire it, but due to the reserves of anxiety which I never ever depleted. And have yet to do that.
  • Psychiatrists provided anxiety (even more) in my life when they explored the pill encyclopedia to randomly put me on one of the pills, and they hoped it “worked”.
  • This movement in art was bred by the delinquents and I feel no longer alone in the stagnant waters of mental illness.

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