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Anti choas May 21, 2012

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Conflict can be exactly this; terrifying and confusing with chaotic anti-figures and a richness in feeling that brutally excites one’s nerves with hues of colors that suck a person deeper into the conflict.

As of this epoch in time though it be only a sliver, think of when your pencil at home needed sharpened before the fancy pancy electric sharpeners, and with a nice cool little gadget you sharpened your pencil. The shavings of the wood usually ended up on my floor; in a hurry I pretended to be with only one damn place to go. [Invisibility while insinuating presence]. Back to the sliver (I haven’t loss myself guys), as of now Conflict in no terms compared with my Conscious that rests on the same image; the same colors warned me to keep alert, evaluate my purpose within the conflict, stay true to my journey, and remember that I wear many faces. Do not project a face that I wanted see staring back at me when I shopped for groceries, went to a used bookstore, or dined out at a restaurant or visited a library. Conflict will permeate my entire being until I’m flooded. The Lord  is not my Life Jacket folks. So good day,sleep tight, lock your doors tonite. :-)))) [I’m just messing with ya’ll]


Pablo Honey Medidtation May 14, 2012

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Quote of the Week~Professor Owl’s Book Corner May 12, 2012

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Quote of the Week~Professor Owl’s Book Corner.


One Flew Over, I Fell Off and Broke my Brain… April 19, 2012

I never flew off the next I fell and broke my brain.

“Must a man be reminded the inadequacy of the size of his dick by the size of the lady’s dick sucking him off” Rough quote from forced entries by jim carroll.

You know to hear a lovely “cuckoo, cuckoo,” during

each free blessed hour out of a beautiful authentic bird

outing–though very brief, but every hour, a time-keeper;

I can neither assert or deny that what effect on

other “clients” in the State Facility– the nervous

sordid wreck of the masturbating, hiding underneath

their beds, running in their skin suits into the day

room and/or lining up in the day room for a fire (setting)

drill )–  the sound “cuckoo, cuckoo”  I prayed  to my dog

would cause bi-sanity.  I only hope the sound drives the “techs”

cagey and batty as the eight hours or at least sixteen (double shifts)

cuckoo’s every day for yearsuponyears, til twenty–when they serve the

State’s twenty year employment package deal, and moon the client’s

upon the last footstep to freedom, instead of tinnitus because of an

awesome music career touring all over the world; the techs hear

“Cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo,cuckoo, fuck you, cuckoo, cuckoo.

One last lovely thing, ah yes, they remember my shit eating grin from 2002-2004.

Cuckoo. ;>)


Men Put Your Heels On (the entire outfit) WE Are Summoned to War April 12, 2012

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Computation error.


Should I shoot or should I…?

Missions disabled. Weapons overload Sheer terror.Real mind fuck. Dude, undercover; 76 virgin reincarnated in paper jam in paradise.

Heals and war–jimmy heals that kill the other competitor’s ass. How bout some poison in those heals, take off the lid.

Who finds such a nice couch during a fucking war anywhere?

Some dude is banging a very ugly chick and now this is just insulting. Is this you?


I’m A Fighter But Now I’m Looking Up From 6 Feet Under April 10, 2012

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You.I still hate children and plastic.
I want what the have nots possess.
I want what the have’s possess.
You stress me out by looking at me that way.
Fix your face fuckwad.
I want to feel other than.
Give me how you feel.
Even if it means snorting elephant crap.
Right now it’s the best crap in my world.
Wait now I feel like the old cheese grater
wind and freezing rain rushing through me,
ahhhh. Shards of ice awkward, some sneak
through the grates, pain of remarkable standard.
I forget who I am. The pain became me. I became
this. This is you.


“Music is the only thing… April 7, 2012

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"Manner from Heaven"

Found this on a stock painting site for images that envision heaven.

“Music is the only thing that can make you happy without qualification.”
“Music bypasses the mind altogether.”

Expensive People/ Joyce Carol Oates

This video is a compilation of suggestion/i.e.nudity is cool on rock videos and concept

/bohemians = coolness in every generation. Just the trick is to truly identify them.

The one way you identify a true bohemian rhapsody in front of you, character rolling

like truman show but with length and breadth, is to be a true bohemian rhapsody.  Or just immerse

yourself in the rapture: not that rapture…your own…assemble it carefully and FREELY.


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